Shannon’s music evokes the desire to create.  By using the art of sound, the listener’s mind is opened to explore new worlds of meditation, mystery and imagination.  Shannon has immersed himself in the field of sound and music for over a decade, developing his talents in composition, arrangement, sound design and music production.  As a musician, Shannon plays the Array Mbira, kalimba, flute and keyboard and has developed a special talent and interest in overtone singing and vocal improvisation.

In 1993, Shannon began studying with Jonathan Glasier, a former assistant to microtonal pioneer Harry Parch.  Jonathan is a master musician who has invented a number of innovative musical instruments.  With Jonathan, Shannon explored the history and structure of overtone singing, microtonal music and instrument building.  This experience led him to the awareness that music flows beyond the twelve-tone scale.

In 1996, Shannon was featured as an overtone singer on the sound track for the documentary “Quest for the Secret Chamber”. He traveled to Egypt to sing and record inside the great pyramid, Cheops.

In 1997, Shannon became resident artist and composer at the Bureau of Arts and Culture in Los Angeles.  There he began to explore the relationship between visual art, sound and music creating original compositions for art exhibitions   Shannon’s residency at the bureau also led to the creation of the OPEN DOOR ORCHESTRA a revolving ensemble of players from around the world.  Their music utilizes an array of instruments with both primitive and contemporary influences.

In 1999, as a member of the Earth Action artists, an organization promoting environmental awareness, Shannon composed music for “Awakening”, a multi-media air ballet featuring aerial dance troupe Bandaloop. This performance was a creative protest against new oil exploration and was performed at the Earth Summit meeting in Buenos Aries.

In 2000 Shannon produced a compilation recording entitled “Breathing Sound: Original Compositions for art exhibitions”. This CD documents a three-year period that explored the relationship between visual art, sound and music. During this time he also completed the debut self-titled CD by the OPEN DOOR ORCHESTRA.

In 2001 Shannon composed two original sound compositions.  The first, “Cavings” was an installation at the Sand Box Gallery in Los Angeles and was a collaboration with painter Jennifer Wolf.   The second composition was a piece entitled “The Road to Zanzibar” in which he collaborated with painter Gary Palmer.

From 2002-2005  Shannon produced the OPEN DOOR ORCHESTRAS second CD – “a Sound in the Universe” which will soon be released.  It will be followed by a spoken word project of Shannon’s poetry set to the Music of the OPEN DOOR ORCHESTRA entitled “ODO Speaks”.   

In 2005 Shannon was also commissioned by artist Diana Wong to create a full length CD called NINE PALACES which accompanied Diana’s retrospective book “MERGING - The Life and Art of Diana Wong”.  Shannon has also traveled to Hong Kong to play live at the opening reception of Diana’s exhibit, and to create the sound installation at the Hong Kong University Museum.     

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