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Original Compositions for Art Exhibitions

Produced by Shannon Michael Terry

In October of 1996,The Bureau of Arts and Culture created an Artist in residence ‘experiment’, after acquiring a theatre space directly below the art exhibit hall.  A music department was opened with composer and musician Shannon Michael Terry.

Our mission: to create musical themes for our Art Exhibits. Compositions that would be fully conscious of the Artworks on display. Each work was premiered the same evening as the opening reception. On this CD, you will hear remastered versions of each work as well as themes written for other galleries in Los Angeles.

"Given the opportunity to create music for Art exhibitions, I found many possibilities and challenges in the process. The very word ‘music’ and its definition bloomed beyond its limited connotation.  A good friend and associate of mine, Jonathan Glazier, once remarked, “Music is all about relationship.” During my residency at the Bureau of Arts and Culture, nothing was made more clear than that statement, so I repeat it here. Not only is music all about relationship everything is about relationship.

Shannon Michael Terry


  Breathing Sound
Breathing Sound


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