by Shannon Michael Terry

I see myself in my dream,
Feeling my way through
No longer detached
as the dreamer.
I am awake
Both the dream
And the dreamer

My skin meets the air around me.
My arms wrap around,
The meeting is so sweet
so tender,
Completely awake.

What is it like to hold the essence of who we are,
in our hands.
To hold it out,
To see outside of us
The manifest in the world,
our actions,
Our relationships
The way we point ourselves
Our choices
The way we are released hitting the target,
Our self.

In the stillness we are found
Before the I ams and I wills.
Do we have the courage?
To do as little as possible.
or to do nothing at all.

The meeting is so sweet
So tender,
Completely awake.

Maybe a second is a lifetime

Maybe a lifetime is a second
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