by Shannon Michael Terry

Wait for days
to see the progress
You can wait for years
turning grey

Building fear monumental
We are children gonna play 

And days they come
And days they go

Like no other

A strange answer
with no question  

The days we wander down
darkened roads
Catching shadows

Heart filled warriors
Walking beaches
Side by side

With hand held nets
And tattered lines 

I’m a little too accustomed
to these angry tired times

The answers are hidden
Look inside
Look inside

They can hold you down
Like a coal miner’s daughter

I will fill your lungs
So you can breath

They can hold you down
Like an uncommon writer

Collect your words
on ancient trees

We are all answers
to our mother’s dreams

Have you heard about the latest constellation
Have you seen smiles around town
Have you heard across our nation
They can’t tack us down

No more separation

We are all answers
to our mothers prayers

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