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When Yuan Miao was a little girl, she was a silent, quiet child, so much so that her father thought she had a speech impediment and sought medical advice. Miao's grandmother, on the other hand, knew that she was not mute, but was merely contemplative by nature.

Her grandmother, a daughter of a high Tibetan lama, was a spiritually cultivated master who had a unique way of communicating with Miao through mantras.  Immersed in her grandmother's mantras, Miao grew in unity with the primordial high energy of the Universe, which released her inner sense of wisdom and compassion.

Yuan Miao’s voice flows like a Divine river, floats like a cloud and encompasses one like the vast blue Tibetan sky. She can soar like a bird and penetrate one’s soul with its undeniable urgency and magical healing power.  Yuan Miao is not a trained singer and the sublime sounds that emerge spontaneously from within her are, for the most part, of no known language, she sings a universal language - enlivening within us the memory of our innermost wisdom and joy. Although her spiritual roots are in Tibetan Buddhism, Yuan Miao’s approach is not that of a Tibetan Buddhist but rather a universal wisdom that embraces people of all faiths. Many people after hearing Miao’s vocal sounds, report profound transformative and healing experiences.


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