Virtuoso Kora player (African Harp), Singer and Writer [Senegal]

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Boujou Badialy Cissoko was born in Senegal, West Africa, in the vilige of Kazamasa. Born into a greot family, Boujous grandfather is still to this day King of the Kora. His father is a famous musician, and his mother a beautiful singer. Boujou has been playing the Kora, drumming, singing and dancing since out of the womb. He grew up listening to the sounds of Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix, and Bob Marley. His greatest influence, however, is his grandfather, Sougoulou Cissoko. Boujou's greatest desire is to bridge his traditional family styles with a moor contemporary feel. "Music has no borders," says Boujou. He has toured throughout the world, recorded on many CD's and motin picture soundtracks.



Dialy, pronounced, ‘Gee-AH-lee’, means Storyteller in the West African language of Mandinka.

Dialy the Storyteller’ is a contemporary blend of Senegalese Folk and Americana, that captures the prayers and masterful kora (African Harp) playing of a West African storyteller, Boujou Badialy Cissoko.

Boujou Badialy Cissoko, was born in the village of Kazamasa, Senegal, West Africa, into a family of storytellers, who keep the musical tradition and beauty of Senegal alive…..

Dialy, is orchestrated with musical accompaniment by some of the world’s top recording artists, including such greats as the legendary percussionist Ms. Bobbye Hall (Joni Mitchell/Marvin Gaye), the bass playing of Ian Walker (K.D. Lang), Jon Osman on guitar (Paula Cole), Greg Ellis providing percussion (Vas), and Quinn on drums (Tracy Chapman).

After the passing of Boujou’s father, the legendary Kora player, Bakary Cissoko, Boujou and music producer Shannon Michael Terry traveled to Senegal to record the vocal performances of Boujou and his sisters, Fatu Cissoko and Dialy Sira

Cissoko.    In this musical homage to their father, the sisters provided the essential feminine resonance that each story needed to complete the journey home.


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